Monday top 10: winter hats

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«Honeymoon» by Lana Del Rey

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EN: Seems like only a few month ago "ultraviolence" album out which I really liked and listen a lot, but Lana Del Ray have already present a new album. I know it out more than month ago, but only now I listened it enough to write a post. Don't know why, but I didn't like a whole album at once. BUT some songs are really incredible!

UA:Здається лише декілька місяців тому вийшов альбом"ultraviolence", який мені дійсно сподобався і який я багато слухала, але Лана Дель Рей вже представила новий альбом. Я знаю, він вийшов більше, ніж місяць тому, але тільки зараз я послухала його достатньо, щоб написати пост. Не знаю, чому, але мені не весь альбом відразу сподобався. Але деякі пісні дійсно неймовірні!

Fall favorites 2015

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       EN: Autumn is the perfect time to wear beautiful dark colours. that's why I didn't change my traditions. Last year I Loved a lot of dark red things, but this year I prefer brown.

    UA: Осінь прекрасний час, щоб носити гарні темні кольори. Ось чому я не змінюю моїм традиціям. Торік мені подобалось носити багато темно-червоних речей, але цього року я надаю перевагу коричневому.

From summer to fall

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EN: From summer to fall season is such complicated. There is cold in morning and super hot in day, so it need to wear something between this to situation. The dress with interest detail on the shoulders is not bad dessision. I love this cut, kinda trend, but a little bit different. 
Dress Primark. 
Similar dresses: amazon, boohoo.

Casual black dress

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EN: For autumn it is so important to keep yourself warm. Thats why I want to do every outfit full of casual and fall mood. So here it is: jacket, boots, scarf and of course little black dress! This one is inspired by Coco Chanel's style.
This is last post of our with Limbria collaboration. Her lovely makeup inspired by 60"s is up on her blog. Check it here:)

RU: Для осени так важно сохранять себя в тепле. Вот почему я хочу, чтобы каждый мой наряд был полон непринужденного и осенего настроение. И вот он: куртка, ботинки, шарф и, конечно, маленькое черное платье! Это платье вдохновленно стилем Коко Шанель.
Это последний наш, с Limbria совместный пост. Ее прекрасный макияж, вдохвленный стилем 60-х уже на ее блоге. Проверьте здесь :)

Black dress everyday outfit

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EN: When in the morning you leave your house for all day it is so important to feel yourself comfortable. That's why I always choose simple but comfortable outfits for long day out home. This is second part of our collab with Limbria, in which one we decided show the nice way look on work or study. Check make up tutorial on Lim's post Here.

RU: Когда утром вы покидаете свой дом на весь день, так важно чувствовать себя комфортно. Вот почему я всегда выбираю простые, но комфортные наряды для долгого дня вне дома. Это вторая часть нашей совместной работы с Limbria, в которой мы решили показать хороший наряд на работу или учебу. Проверьте также пост-урок макияжа Лим тут.

60s inspired evening look

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EN: Watching movie with best friend is always good idea. Recently me and Lim watched several movies; there were "Devil wear Prada", "Coco Avant Chanel" and "Breakfast at Tiffany". At the same time we was working on our notebooks, writing down some ideas, making planer etc.. And a great idea visited us! The little black dress, Coco Chanel, Tiffany, 60's... All this is such inspiring! We decided to do a little collaboration: I gonna show you the various way to wear black dresses for different occasions, and Lim show you three lovely make up. I leave link for you to her post :) Honestly every time I meet her her make up is so good, especially eyes! I even envy a little, because i can't to do and wear such lovely make up as she can.

20 things that make you happy

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Post X
    There are a lot of nice things that can make you happy.
    The saddest thing in our life that a lot of us really didn't notice that things around.
    Make sure you appreciate it :)

    • sunnies days
    • time spent with family
    • traveling
    • a cup of warm tea
    • yummy breakfast before hard day

    INSPIRATION: working space

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    Italian yard

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    There are places you want go back over and over again. Sitting on the street and drinking coffee is so good things no matter where you are. But the atmosphere of this place I really liked. This is Italian yard in Lviv. This place is located within the Kornjakt Palace in the center of the city - Rynok square. Completely severed from the complexities outside, the carved stone and shaded balconies reek of Italian Renaissance.

    September playlist 2015

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    You can sit with me

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    EN: Sometimes time goes too fast and it's even not able stay and take a deep breathe. Last week was really crazy. Last weekend of summer me and my family spent on the seaside enjoying last sunny days. And then university started. So I really was enjoyed this crazy time.
    RU: Иногда время идет слишком быстро, и просто нет возможности остановиться и сделать глубокий вдох. Последняя неделя была действительно сумасшедшей. Последние выходные лета я и моя семья провели на побережье, наслаждаясь последними солнечными днями. А потом начался университет. Так что я действительно старалась наслаждаться этим сумасшедшим временем. 

    "Beauty Behind the Madness" by The Weeknd

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    The Weeknd is one of my favorite artist. When I knew about new album I was really excited. And when I seen that there are a song with Lana del ray and Ed Sheeran - all I could say was only wow. And this album does not disappoint me. To be honest, last week, I only listen to it :)
    Track listing:
    ♪ Real Life
    ♪ Losers
    ♪ Tell Your Friends
    ♪ Often
    ♪ The Hills
    ♪ Acquainted
    ♪ Can't Feel My Face
    ♪ Shameless
    ♪ Earned It
    ♪ In the Night
    ♪ As You Are
    ♪ Dark Times
    ♪ Prisoner
    ♪ Angel 

    The Hills, Can't Feel My Face, Prisoner, As You Are, Dark Times and Angel are my favorites. What about you have you listened this album? Which songs you liked the most?

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    Exploring the city

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    EN: My favorite part of traveling - exploring the area. That's when you just go, go wherever you want, wanted - turned to the left, not the right, etc. I think that following this random ways - really makes this the place to see what it is. In Lviv, we walked a lot.

    Monday top 10: culottes

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    Monday top 10: culottes

    1. Dorothy Spot Culottes
    2. Therapy Stripe culottes
    3. River Island Navy printed smart culottes
    4. Zara Denim Culottes
    5. TOPSHOP MOTO Popper Side Culottes
    6. VALENTINO Contrast-hem wide-leg denim culottes
    7. River Island Mid blue wash denim culottes
    8. Zara Culottes
    9. River Island White smart culottes
    10. TOPSHOP **Faux Suede Culottes by Glamorous
    No matter that fall season almost here, because culottes look chic even with boots. Don't you believe me? Check this links x x x x
    Which one from this monday top 10 set you like the most? I think 10th Topshop look gorgeous! And you?

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    3 post help you back to school

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    Back to school is always a hard thing. I want to share with you 3 post which will help you beck to school. 
    1. Back to school \ UNI must haves part 1. Here is a list of items required for school and maybe at the university.
    2. Back to school \ UNI must haves part 2.  In this post about cosmetics and some stationery widgets.
    3. Goodbye holidays, hello study! This one is my favorite! It's list of items that will help to tune into studying.

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    What is in my make up bag? Trip edition

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    It is so important forget nothing when you getting ready for some trip. Makeup bag is not exclusion. That's why I decided to share with you what i took with myself for a few days in another city at summer.
    And yes I'm wearing make up at summer. (It's OK actually). I'm not using BB cream every day, but one thing I cannot imagine my summer life is suncream. I really love this one from Avon, it works very good for me.
    Here is my standard make up set: cream for face, bb cream, 2 pouders (one is more darker, I use it for cheekbones), blusher, eyebrows shadow, mascara, lip balm and a few lipsticks.
    I want give you some advances how to gather you make up bag for trip.

    August playlist

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    Alternative fashion

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    RU: Мода и одежда занимает огромную роль в нашей жизни. Конечно же, мы не можем ходить голыми, по-этому всегда пытаемся выглядеть лучше и более модными. Обычно, мы смотрим на цвет, фасон и другие подобные характеристики вещи, и только затем на качество и ткань. Хотя я думаю, что мы должны уделять больше внимания последним.

    EN:  Fashion & Apparel occupies a huge role in our lives. Of course, we can not go naked, so we always try to look better and more fashionable. Generally, we look at the color, style and other similar characteristics, and only then on the quality of the fabric. Although I think that we should pay more attention to the latter.
    Model: Natasha Nicely Luker, Photographer: Dan Pinard
    RU: Alternative fashion - это бренд, который соединил в себе лучшие характеристики одежды: качество и моду. Просто посмотрите на коллекцию весна/лето 2015! Невероятно красивые цвета в соединении с интересным дизайном - дают очень хороший результат. Материал, который был использован для этой коллекции - это, в основном хлопок и конопляная ткань. (Никакой синтетики для вашего тела!)

    EN: Alternative fashion - is a brand that combines the best characteristics of the clothing: quality and fashion. Just look at the collection of spring / summer 2015! Incredibly beautiful colors combined with an interesting design - give a very good result. The material that was used for this collection - it is mostly cotton and hemp fabrics. (No synthetics for your body!)

    5 tips which help you start love running

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          Sport is important piece of our life. And of course we can't life without moving. I love walking around cities streets, its no problem to me go even more then 12 km or ride a bike, but running is really not my kind of sports. Its hard for me run 2km without rest. No,no,no! I didn't give up so fast as you would thought :)
          Running has many good sides. There are a hundreds articles over the internet you can know how good running is for your body. Its makes you healthier, stronger, hardy and beautiful. My favorite thing about running that it help you clear your mind.
          I want to share with you a few tips I found  wich hepled me start love running. If it helped to super lazy me, trust me it'll help you.

    1. How lovely start your day from running at park or stadium. Sounds great, isn't? I do not mean wake up at 4 am and go running, no way! It makes stress not pleasure. Choose perfect time and place for you. Speaking about time all people different! Some like running at sunrise, other prefer in evening. Personally I like change the location: two days I running at stadium, then day on the streets, other day in park. It's more enjoyable and not bored.

    Monday top 10: sunglasses

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    July playlist

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    Off shoulders

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    Just answer me how many fashion-posts you have seen where was written about off shoulders tops or dresses? Even do not answer me, just think about it. It's like worldwide obsession. I try figure out is it good or not.
    Fashion has got two sides (like everything else). If see to the bloggers sphere then you can see that all of us is like from incubator (sounds rude, I'm sorry). All of us follow the same trends. But thinking about it in reality it is not works this way.
    If you ask me " what do you think who is fashion blogger?", the first thing I believe its a human that shows us how to wear tendencies in real life. Everyone apply trends in on them in different way. Isn't it?

    If I start, I'll finish it

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    I just want ask you: how many times you gave up? How many times you did not end up doing something?
    Last week I have finally finished reading the book which I didn't like. It's june right now, but I started read in january. So long time! I was saying to my family, my friends, to every one that I do not like it. They always asked me "so why do you read it?" The answer was easy "If I start, I'll finish it".
    We were looking this graffiti of our city pretty long time; we came to this place specially for to do photos. And we haven't found it first time. But we decided we should look in the opposite direction (even if it's 90F outside and we are super tired). And we found! Yay!
    It's looks random but I wanted to tell you: never give up on something you really want.
    Thanks for the photos to Lim:)

    New Look t-shirt | Second hand leggings | New Look heels | Avon sunglasses | Centro necklace| 

    Monday top 10: gladiator sandals

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    June playlist

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    Asymmetric skirt&Co

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               EN: How was the first week of the summer? I had a few crazy days , a few really lazy and spend some days with my little princess (my younger sis).                      One of those lovely days I should was go to uni and then I had an amazing time with my friend Lim. We went to the TeaHouse (it is cozy place near our uni) enjoying tea and eating the fortune cookies! I had no idea that it is such interesting! If you have an opportunity - go and buy or make this cookies:)

              RU: Как ваша первая неделя лета? У меня было несколько сумасшедших дней, несколько действительно ленивых и несколько я провела с моей маленькой принцессой (моя младшая сестричка). Один из тех прекрасных дней мне нужно было пойти в универ, а затем я удивительно провела время с моей подругой Лим. Мы пошли в TeaHouse (это уютное место рядом с нашим университетом), наслаждались чаем и ели печенье с предсказаниями! Я не знала, что это так интересно! Если у вас есть возможность - купите или сделайте это печенье обязательно :)

             EN: What about outfit for this kind of days? Easy and comfortable! You already could see this skirt and sweatshirt but in different combination (here and here). For to make this outfit more bright I had added a little red body cross bag and red lipstick of course!
             RU: Что сказать о наряде для таких дней? Легко и удобно! Вы уже могли видеть эту юбку и свитшот, но в комбинации с другими вещами (здесь и здесь). Чтобы сделать это наряд более ярким я взяла красную маленькую сумку и красную помаду, конечно же!

    Just a Wednesday

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                        Hello everybody! How's your week?
    I'm not usually doing the posts like this one, but I have thought maybe it will be interest to know how my day is going on.
    So, I already have done all my university job for today (congrats to me). I know, its wednesday today, but no all black outfits today! ( I hope you know why on Wednesdays we are wearing black). I was wearing today a nice F&F birds printed dress, which is already my fav for this summer. BTW, is summer came to you? Do you have some plans or do you know what you will do next 3 months? I know a little, but all plans still is not to clear, so I'm gonna enjoying everyday haha

    After I came from uni I was watching youtube videos. Because of study I absolutely have no time for it :( Another thing than I have done and I want share with you: I printed some photos from my birthday! (YAY). It was more than a month ago so I'm officially 18!I had a lovely time with my friends in the park, we had a picnic! One the most important thing that I want to tell you: please, be careful! Because there are a hundreds of insects which want to bite you and its health hazard. My friend had got to the hospital because of this. I'm happy she is alright now.
    I'm gonna clear a little my room ( to be honest I'm sloppy sometimes) and watch some cool movie. Yesterday I was watching THE AGE OF ADALINE movie and I like it so much! If you like Blake Lively - you should watch this drama! Probably, If you do not like her you will like this movie! 

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    How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

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      EN: Recently (actually a couple of months ago), I heard about the book "How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are". It seemed that everyone knows about it and already read it. Frankly, it is interested: I love France, and what girl does not dream to see Paris? And the Parisian admired for centuries. Because of my study,  I was able to read this book only just now.     Four authors, four amazing French Woman opened the curtain and tell us about who is real Parisian, her habits, and how to be.

          RU: Недавно (точнее пару месяцев назад) я услышала о книге "как быть парижанкой, кем бы вы не были". Казалось, что о ней знают все и все ее читали. Признаться честно, она заинтересовала: я люблю Францию,  и какая девушка не мечтает увидеть Париж? Да и парижанками восхищаются не одно столетие. Из-за моей учебы, только сейчас мне ужалось просчитать эту книгу.
          Четыре автора, четыре удивительные француженки открывают занавес и рассказывают какая же она, настоящая парижанка, ее привычки и как ею быть.

    Orange is the new black

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    EN: Summer is almost here! Do you feel it? (coz I feel) 
    And it's perfect time to add some bright colors to you outfits! Why not orange?
     Here is some looks that I've created on polyvore. Dont forget follow me:)
     Hope you'll like this idea for summer :)

    RU: Лето почти здесь! Вы чувствуете? (я да)
    Идеально время, для того, чтобы добавить ярких цветов, в наши наряды! Почему бы не оранжевый?
    Вот некоторые луки, которые я создала на Polyvore. НЕ забудьте подписаться на меня:)
     Надеюсь, вам понравится эта идея для лето :)

    Monday top 10: sneakers

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    Без названия #567
    EN: This month I decided to do a few new categories on my blog and this is one of them! I hope you like this idea :)
     Keep follow my blog to see more!
    Which one of these sneakers do you like the most? My fav is tenths! 

    RU: В этом месяце я решила сделать несколько новых рубрик (категорий) на моем блоге, и это одна из них! 
    Я надеюсь, что вам понравится эта идея :) Следите за обновлениями на блоге, чтобы увидеть больше!
    Какая пара кроссовок вам нравится больше всего? Мой фаворит десятые!

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    EN:  Recently (I do not know why), but the combination of any shirt and leather jacket has become my favorite.
    Another way, where there are jeans, shirt and a leather jacket, but a little different, right? Maybe it changed heels, and perhaps negligence. 

    RU: С недавних пор ( я не знаю почему), но сочетание любой рубашки и кожаной крутки стало для меня любимым.
    Очередной лук, где есть джинсы, рубашка и кожаная куртка, но немного другой, согласны?  Может, все дело меняют каблуки, а может, небрежность.