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Good Morning everybody! (or not morning, but hello!)
I decided not to do monthly favorites, because always I don't have enough products I love, as usually it's the same things for 2-3 months, so monthly fav have no sense for my blog(now) :)
So here are some products I found for me this 2 months:

The Burda magazine. A lots of bloggers prefer to buy Vogue ( or something like this), but my mom buys Burda every monts. Thank you, mom!

 A few dark nail polishes I liked this monts: green and brown. I found Essence concealer and it works really good for me. This little heart - just a part of Valentine's day decoration in my room. And of course my glasses, I can't live without it! 

Different Burda magazine ( one January issue, second one - february issue). Different nail polishes. I really in love with dark colours ( you can see it). I a little tired of dark lipstick, I used this pink Avon lipstick very often, I like this colour! And of course gorgeous earrings! The colour is so lovely:) I should say a massive thanks to my friend Alexandra <3

хх Stas хх

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  1. Лаки и помада шикарных оттенков*_*
    Сережки классные:)


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