"Beauty Behind the Madness" by The Weeknd


The Weeknd is one of my favorite artist. When I knew about new album I was really excited. And when I seen that there are a song with Lana del ray and Ed Sheeran - all I could say was only wow. And this album does not disappoint me. To be honest, last week, I only listen to it :)
Track listing:
♪ Real Life
♪ Losers
♪ Tell Your Friends
♪ Often
♪ The Hills
♪ Acquainted
♪ Can't Feel My Face
♪ Shameless
♪ Earned It
♪ In the Night
♪ As You Are
♪ Dark Times
♪ Prisoner
♪ Angel 

The Hills, Can't Feel My Face, Prisoner, As You Are, Dark Times and Angel are my favorites. What about you have you listened this album? Which songs you liked the most?

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