What is in my make up bag? Trip edition


It is so important forget nothing when you getting ready for some trip. Makeup bag is not exclusion. That's why I decided to share with you what i took with myself for a few days in another city at summer.
And yes I'm wearing make up at summer. (It's OK actually). I'm not using BB cream every day, but one thing I cannot imagine my summer life is suncream. I really love this one from Avon, it works very good for me.
Here is my standard make up set: cream for face, bb cream, 2 pouders (one is more darker, I use it for cheekbones), blusher, eyebrows shadow, mascara, lip balm and a few lipsticks.
I want give you some advances how to gather you make up bag for trip.

1. Do not to take too mush things. Sit and think which one you really will use more than 2 time. If you gonna use it less time - do not take it! ( We are speaking about make up products, right)
2. Decide what you will wearing and wich make up will suit good for all occasions. (Kinda pink bag - pink lipstick, or red shoes - not dark brown lipstick)
3. Try take only small things. If you have more than one blusher - take that one which do not need brush. My have a little brush inside its box.
4. And of course don't forget about makeup remover, mini version of you perfume, nail polish and scrunchies.
 Hope you liked this post! 

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  1. In my makeup bag I normaly carry a mascara and a lip balm, nothing else. Because we're in Summer my makeup doesn't last long enough so I choose to use less :p

  2. Totally agree with point 3 the less the better sometimes! X

    Shopping day attire on-


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