Black dress everyday outfit

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EN: When in the morning you leave your house for all day it is so important to feel yourself comfortable. That's why I always choose simple but comfortable outfits for long day out home. This is second part of our collab with Limbria, in which one we decided show the nice way look on work or study. Check make up tutorial on Lim's post Here.

RU: Когда утром вы покидаете свой дом на весь день, так важно чувствовать себя комфортно. Вот почему я всегда выбираю простые, но комфортные наряды для долгого дня вне дома. Это вторая часть нашей совместной работы с Limbria, в которой мы решили показать хороший наряд на работу или учебу. Проверьте также пост-урок макияжа Лим тут.

60s inspired evening look

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EN: Watching movie with best friend is always good idea. Recently me and Lim watched several movies; there were "Devil wear Prada", "Coco Avant Chanel" and "Breakfast at Tiffany". At the same time we was working on our notebooks, writing down some ideas, making planer etc.. And a great idea visited us! The little black dress, Coco Chanel, Tiffany, 60's... All this is such inspiring! We decided to do a little collaboration: I gonna show you the various way to wear black dresses for different occasions, and Lim show you three lovely make up. I leave link for you to her post :) Honestly every time I meet her her make up is so good, especially eyes! I even envy a little, because i can't to do and wear such lovely make up as she can.

20 things that make you happy

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    There are a lot of nice things that can make you happy.
    The saddest thing in our life that a lot of us really didn't notice that things around.
    Make sure you appreciate it :)

    • sunnies days
    • time spent with family
    • traveling
    • a cup of warm tea
    • yummy breakfast before hard day

    INSPIRATION: working space

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    Italian yard

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    There are places you want go back over and over again. Sitting on the street and drinking coffee is so good things no matter where you are. But the atmosphere of this place I really liked. This is Italian yard in Lviv. This place is located within the Kornjakt Palace in the center of the city - Rynok square. Completely severed from the complexities outside, the carved stone and shaded balconies reek of Italian Renaissance.

    September playlist 2015

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    хх Stas хх

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    You can sit with me

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    EN: Sometimes time goes too fast and it's even not able stay and take a deep breathe. Last week was really crazy. Last weekend of summer me and my family spent on the seaside enjoying last sunny days. And then university started. So I really was enjoyed this crazy time.
    RU: Иногда время идет слишком быстро, и просто нет возможности остановиться и сделать глубокий вдох. Последняя неделя была действительно сумасшедшей. Последние выходные лета я и моя семья провели на побережье, наслаждаясь последними солнечными днями. А потом начался университет. Так что я действительно старалась наслаждаться этим сумасшедшим временем.