Festival season: fauxchella

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EN: Summer is the synonym with the words like sun, fun and festivals! So festival season is here, and in Ukraine we have a lot of festivals these days. I'm super excited 'cause i gonna visit one soon (happyhappyhappy me). TickPick, a site to buy and sell tickets to concerts and other events, offered me to make list of members for my perfect festival, so here is it. Honestly, I like different music, you could notice it in my playlists, but this list is rocking i think.

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

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    UA: Думаєте, це можливо, коли 18-річна дівчина вводить в моду тренд, який наслідує увесь світ? Кайлі Дженнер може все, як ми побачили. В колекціях майже всіх марок ми можемо знайти матові помади, починаючи від професійної косметики, закінчуючи більш бюджетними. Ну, а я на собі перевірила матові помади від Avon

    EN: Do you think it's impossible, that the whole world following trends by 18-years old girl? Kylie Jenner make it, as we can see. Almost every cosmetic company has matte lipsticks in their collection. So. I tried matte lipsticks from Avon