Festival season: fauxchella

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EN: Summer is the synonym with the words like sun, fun and festivals! So festival season is here, and in Ukraine we have a lot of festivals these days. I'm super excited 'cause i gonna visit one soon (happyhappyhappy me). TickPick, a site to buy and sell tickets to concerts and other events, offered me to make list of members for my perfect festival, so here is it. Honestly, I like different music, you could notice it in my playlists, but this list is rocking i think.

Everybody knows that not only because of members festival are great or not, but also organisation is very important. But the most important of course is YOU. Your mood can make every fest the best for you, remember this!

My alternative outfit for city festival: printed dress and favourite boots
 хх Stas хх

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Anna - Alina
19 July 2016 at 18:35 delete

Ох я б хотіла на концерт Лани Дель Рей.
Класний аутфіт!!!