Oh, this coat

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It's almost spring already! But it's still cold outside (of course it's pretty warn in LA, but not everyone live there, here in Europe it's still cold). So we should care what we gonna wear in spring. I decided to do a little selection of cool&cute coats from SKUPIDU. Previously, I did a selection of fur coats, check out here :) 

It was January&February

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Good Morning everybody! (or not morning, but hello!)
I decided not to do monthly favorites, because always I don't have enough products I love, as usually it's the same things for 2-3 months, so monthly fav have no sense for my blog(now) :)
So here are some products I found for me this 2 months:

The Burda magazine. A lots of bloggers prefer to buy Vogue ( or something like this), but my mom buys Burda every monts. Thank you, mom!


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EN:Every day we experience hundreds of emotions. Joy, disappointment, smiles, etc. And most importantly, we are able to choose what we skip through yourself. About a year ago, maybe a little more, I began to change. No, not outwardly, but inwardly. I learned how to control your thoughts, take only the good. Everything has something good, it is important to learn to see, it is not difficult - the main thing to want.
RU: Каждый день мы переживаем сотни эмоций. Радость, разочарования, улыбки и т.д. И самое главное, мы сами можем выбирать, что мы пропускаем сквозь себя. Примерно год назад, может, чуть больше, я начала меняться. Нет, не внешне, а внутри. Я научилась контролировать свои мысли, воспринимать только хорошее. Во всем есть что-то хорошее, главное научиться это видеть, а научиться не сложно - главное хотеть.