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Just answer me how many fashion-posts you have seen where was written about off shoulders tops or dresses? Even do not answer me, just think about it. It's like worldwide obsession. I try figure out is it good or not.
Fashion has got two sides (like everything else). If see to the bloggers sphere then you can see that all of us is like from incubator (sounds rude, I'm sorry). All of us follow the same trends. But thinking about it in reality it is not works this way.
If you ask me " what do you think who is fashion blogger?", the first thing I believe its a human that shows us how to wear tendencies in real life. Everyone apply trends in on them in different way. Isn't it?

Here is my outfit with off shoulders top.  I was inspired by this inspiration post so decided to wear it with white midi skirt. It is so unusual to me ( but we cant wear only jeans and t-shirt!). I think white colour is gorgeous for really hot summer days. And for to feel myself more comfortable I put on denim vest. 
Thanks for the photos to Lim:)
Top (similar), skirt (similar), vest (similar)- second hand | sandals Kira Plastinina | Bag oodji

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  1. nice skirt
    new post:

  2. You're welcome:)
    I love 4th pic, your hair is so bright! *-*

  3. мне ну очень нравится....все-все все!!!!


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