Monday top 10: flared jeans

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Alternative fashion

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RU: Мода и одежда занимает огромную роль в нашей жизни. Конечно же, мы не можем ходить голыми, по-этому всегда пытаемся выглядеть лучше и более модными. Обычно, мы смотрим на цвет, фасон и другие подобные характеристики вещи, и только затем на качество и ткань. Хотя я думаю, что мы должны уделять больше внимания последним.

EN:  Fashion & Apparel occupies a huge role in our lives. Of course, we can not go naked, so we always try to look better and more fashionable. Generally, we look at the color, style and other similar characteristics, and only then on the quality of the fabric. Although I think that we should pay more attention to the latter.
Model: Natasha Nicely Luker, Photographer: Dan Pinard
RU: Alternative fashion - это бренд, который соединил в себе лучшие характеристики одежды: качество и моду. Просто посмотрите на коллекцию весна/лето 2015! Невероятно красивые цвета в соединении с интересным дизайном - дают очень хороший результат. Материал, который был использован для этой коллекции - это, в основном хлопок и конопляная ткань. (Никакой синтетики для вашего тела!)

EN: Alternative fashion - is a brand that combines the best characteristics of the clothing: quality and fashion. Just look at the collection of spring / summer 2015! Incredibly beautiful colors combined with an interesting design - give a very good result. The material that was used for this collection - it is mostly cotton and hemp fabrics. (No synthetics for your body!)

5 tips which help you start love running

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      Sport is important piece of our life. And of course we can't life without moving. I love walking around cities streets, its no problem to me go even more then 12 km or ride a bike, but running is really not my kind of sports. Its hard for me run 2km without rest. No,no,no! I didn't give up so fast as you would thought :)
      Running has many good sides. There are a hundreds articles over the internet you can know how good running is for your body. Its makes you healthier, stronger, hardy and beautiful. My favorite thing about running that it help you clear your mind.
      I want to share with you a few tips I found  wich hepled me start love running. If it helped to super lazy me, trust me it'll help you.

1. How lovely start your day from running at park or stadium. Sounds great, isn't? I do not mean wake up at 4 am and go running, no way! It makes stress not pleasure. Choose perfect time and place for you. Speaking about time all people different! Some like running at sunrise, other prefer in evening. Personally I like change the location: two days I running at stadium, then day on the streets, other day in park. It's more enjoyable and not bored.

Monday top 10: sunglasses

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July playlist

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Off shoulders

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Just answer me how many fashion-posts you have seen where was written about off shoulders tops or dresses? Even do not answer me, just think about it. It's like worldwide obsession. I try figure out is it good or not.
Fashion has got two sides (like everything else). If see to the bloggers sphere then you can see that all of us is like from incubator (sounds rude, I'm sorry). All of us follow the same trends. But thinking about it in reality it is not works this way.
If you ask me " what do you think who is fashion blogger?", the first thing I believe its a human that shows us how to wear tendencies in real life. Everyone apply trends in on them in different way. Isn't it?