5 tips which help you start love running


      Sport is important piece of our life. And of course we can't life without moving. I love walking around cities streets, its no problem to me go even more then 12 km or ride a bike, but running is really not my kind of sports. Its hard for me run 2km without rest. No,no,no! I didn't give up so fast as you would thought :)
      Running has many good sides. There are a hundreds articles over the internet you can know how good running is for your body. Its makes you healthier, stronger, hardy and beautiful. My favorite thing about running that it help you clear your mind.
      I want to share with you a few tips I found  wich hepled me start love running. If it helped to super lazy me, trust me it'll help you.

1. How lovely start your day from running at park or stadium. Sounds great, isn't? I do not mean wake up at 4 am and go running, no way! It makes stress not pleasure. Choose perfect time and place for you. Speaking about time all people different! Some like running at sunrise, other prefer in evening. Personally I like change the location: two days I running at stadium, then day on the streets, other day in park. It's more enjoyable and not bored.

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2.This is my favorite part. OUTFIT! Yes it will help you, I promise. Go and buy some new clothes. Choose some bright and comfortable! Or be like me: I liked my old trainers shoes after having them 3 years! haha No matter what you gonna wear, only condition you should like it and feel yourself comfortable. For example 2 bright outfit :)

3.MUSIC. I think it's important. Create your personal playlist which help you keep your positive thoughts. Choose only energetic, funny and rhythmic songs!
4. APPS. Should I tell you that we living in 21 century? You probably know how big role play differents apps. Check google play or app store. There are a lot of really worthy apps which help you.

5. MOTIVATION. Do not tell me something like "I'm skinny, I don't need it" or " I'm fat and running doesn't help lose weight". I'm sure that we shouldn't running only because you want to do something with number on the scales. This applies to your health. Knowledge the benefits gave you the best motivation ever! And of course the result will make you happy and give you motivation. Clear mind and health body:)

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