If I start, I'll finish it


I just want ask you: how many times you gave up? How many times you did not end up doing something?
Last week I have finally finished reading the book which I didn't like. It's june right now, but I started read in january. So long time! I was saying to my family, my friends, to every one that I do not like it. They always asked me "so why do you read it?" The answer was easy "If I start, I'll finish it".
We were looking this graffiti of our city pretty long time; we came to this place specially for to do photos. And we haven't found it first time. But we decided we should look in the opposite direction (even if it's 90F outside and we are super tired). And we found! Yay!
It's looks random but I wanted to tell you: never give up on something you really want.
Thanks for the photos to Lim:)

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Thanks for reading, all the love <3
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