Italian yard

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There are places you want go back over and over again. Sitting on the street and drinking coffee is so good things no matter where you are. But the atmosphere of this place I really liked. This is Italian yard in Lviv. This place is located within the Kornjakt Palace in the center of the city - Rynok square. Completely severed from the complexities outside, the carved stone and shaded balconies reek of Italian Renaissance.

My outfit for that day was pretty easy, I was wearing a shirt-dress. It is good wear something simple, but still stay girly and feel yourself lovely. I also added to my look vintage small red bag and sandals. #secret I also wearing a denim shorts here because dress is short and I didn't want everybody could see too much. BTW shirt-dresses are one of the most popular trends now. They are comfortable, presentable and good for different occasions.
Gallery in Potocki Palace

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Carrie Key
10 September 2015 at 09:17 delete

Очень уютный образ :)

17 September 2015 at 19:48 delete

Как же мне понравился этот Итальянский дворик, я от него просто в восторге до сих пор!:)