If I start, I'll finish it

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I just want ask you: how many times you gave up? How many times you did not end up doing something?
Last week I have finally finished reading the book which I didn't like. It's june right now, but I started read in january. So long time! I was saying to my family, my friends, to every one that I do not like it. They always asked me "so why do you read it?" The answer was easy "If I start, I'll finish it".
We were looking this graffiti of our city pretty long time; we came to this place specially for to do photos. And we haven't found it first time. But we decided we should look in the opposite direction (even if it's 90F outside and we are super tired). And we found! Yay!
It's looks random but I wanted to tell you: never give up on something you really want.
Thanks for the photos to Lim:)

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Monday top 10: gladiator sandals

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June playlist

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Asymmetric skirt&Co

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           EN: How was the first week of the summer? I had a few crazy days , a few really lazy and spend some days with my little princess (my younger sis).                      One of those lovely days I should was go to uni and then I had an amazing time with my friend Lim. We went to the TeaHouse (it is cozy place near our uni) enjoying tea and eating the fortune cookies! I had no idea that it is such interesting! If you have an opportunity - go and buy or make this cookies:)

          RU: Как ваша первая неделя лета? У меня было несколько сумасшедших дней, несколько действительно ленивых и несколько я провела с моей маленькой принцессой (моя младшая сестричка). Один из тех прекрасных дней мне нужно было пойти в универ, а затем я удивительно провела время с моей подругой Лим. Мы пошли в TeaHouse (это уютное место рядом с нашим университетом), наслаждались чаем и ели печенье с предсказаниями! Я не знала, что это так интересно! Если у вас есть возможность - купите или сделайте это печенье обязательно :)

         EN: What about outfit for this kind of days? Easy and comfortable! You already could see this skirt and sweatshirt but in different combination (here and here). For to make this outfit more bright I had added a little red body cross bag and red lipstick of course!
         RU: Что сказать о наряде для таких дней? Легко и удобно! Вы уже могли видеть эту юбку и свитшот, но в комбинации с другими вещами (здесь и здесь). Чтобы сделать это наряд более ярким я взяла красную маленькую сумку и красную помаду, конечно же!

Just a Wednesday

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                    Hello everybody! How's your week?
I'm not usually doing the posts like this one, but I have thought maybe it will be interest to know how my day is going on.
So, I already have done all my university job for today (congrats to me). I know, its wednesday today, but no all black outfits today! ( I hope you know why on Wednesdays we are wearing black). I was wearing today a nice F&F birds printed dress, which is already my fav for this summer. BTW, is summer came to you? Do you have some plans or do you know what you will do next 3 months? I know a little, but all plans still is not to clear, so I'm gonna enjoying everyday haha

After I came from uni I was watching youtube videos. Because of study I absolutely have no time for it :( Another thing than I have done and I want share with you: I printed some photos from my birthday! (YAY). It was more than a month ago so I'm officially 18!I had a lovely time with my friends in the park, we had a picnic! One the most important thing that I want to tell you: please, be careful! Because there are a hundreds of insects which want to bite you and its health hazard. My friend had got to the hospital because of this. I'm happy she is alright now.
I'm gonna clear a little my room ( to be honest I'm sloppy sometimes) and watch some cool movie. Yesterday I was watching THE AGE OF ADALINE movie and I like it so much! If you like Blake Lively - you should watch this drama! Probably, If you do not like her you will like this movie! 

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